In Course of the Miraculous, 2015

The film is composed of three stories set in three different time periods and three different locations. One story takes place during an ascent of the Himalayas, another on a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, while the third happens on an ocean-going fishing trip. The motivation/objective in every story is a quest, and hiding underneath under every motivation is the deepest level of human nature.


The film is told in three overlapping layers. The first layer lies in the human endeavor to explore and the spirit of adventure. All three stories involve an attempt to go to places unknown and face situations unknown. The second layer attempts an interpretation of the proposition of death. When each character in each story faces death, there is an extreme contrast in how they think, and how they make their final choice, meaning that their ultimate journeys to death are very different. The ending is always the same. They all die. But every death carries unknown elements. The third layer is an extension of the proposition of death in the second layer; exploring the deeper levels of human nature. Whatever the cause or the outcome, the characters all experience their own life events, and these life events have shaped and changed their understanding deep inside of human nature. On the other side of death, their fundamental human nature is revealed. The film attempts to move between the three layers so as to immerse the reader in the story from different angles and directions.