Everything Has Its Time, 2011

Everything Has Its Time, 2011

single channel HD video, color/sound, 16:9, 6‘52“

A fragmented sound clip on a mobile phone contains a recording of a piece of music played by a busker on

the metro in Paris. When the recording was made, the air was muggy in the gloomy compartment of the train;

people on the train were standing on their own gazing at each other indifferently. All of sudden, the music

echoed through the carriage and seemed to tear through the air and the people on board; the music shone

into everyone’s hearts, with no way out. The sound of music mixed together with the noise of different

languages, the environment and the air of the carriage, broken by the movement of the train. Because I

hesitated for an instant, I didn’t record the beginning of the tune. I have tried to imagine and remember that

moment, and have tried to recreate it by manipulating the recording and making it into a loop.