Rock Dove, 2009

Rock Dove, 2009

single channel HD video, color/sound, 4’59”

This is a recording of a bevy of homing pigeons in an artificial environment, which similates the circular process of a

social system. Pipes crisscross atop a factory building , accompnied by pigeons coos and the gurgling sound from the

water pipes now and then.Suddenly, the flurescent light is on. Right this moment when rooms are lit up,the pigeons get

scared by the typical industrial booming sound from the starters, and fly up and down in a flurry, thus extending the

lighting moment, and making the fleeting moment stay still. In the twinkling light, this appears brighter than the light

itself.After a short period of ajustment, tranquility returns. It seems that there ‘s no difference whether you are in total

darkness or in the light.