What Why How, 2011

What Why How, 2011

single channel HD video, color/sound, 16:9, 7’03“

In its earliest form, this video was really simple. I like watching movies. There’s something interesting in all of

them, like if it’s really violent, or if there are zombies. So I started to think: why are there movies like this?

Why do people watch them? Why not watch something that makes you happy?

That was where the whole idea for the piece got started. I would never use a concept as the starting point for the video. I think I’m a traditionalist in the sense that I rely on so-called “inspiration.” You could say I

shoot as the spirit moves me. As soon as the thought occurs to me, I move on it, even when everything’s still up in the air. For me, “experience” is something closed and reactionary. I try to make my works as “inexperienced” as possible.