This is the End, 2008

This is the End, 2008

4-channel video, color/sound, 12’30’’

A movie theatre named ending has been built on site. After passing by a colorful neon sign and through

a corridor decorated by red velvet, you get to see a movie on show about the nonexistent extended time.

Extending some movies for a couple of minutes is necessary. After the finale, the screen lights  up

again. Perhaps the ending ceases to be the ending. A whole storyline can fall apart. a comedy might

become a tragedy , a time might is rewritten, a hero might lose his life, all of these can happen at this

extra one last minute. A minute is easily gone, yet this fleeting moment becomes unusually long

because supposedly the ending has already come along. And right this one fleeting minute makes  time

and happenings continue to go on.