Circadian Rhythm , 2013

Circadian Rhythm , 2013


Circadian Rhythm is a 130,000 character detective novel based on both reality and fiction. Its title comes

from the daily cycle of human physical processes and emotions Meanwhile, it’s also a metaphor for the

passage of meteorological changes between day and night. The novel follows a detective who slowly

begins to question his own identity after he meets obstacle after obstacle while trying to seek the truth

behind a vicious crime. Woven into the narration are opera lyrics, poetry, endless soliloquies and dialogues

and depictions of dreamscapes and fantasy. The novel has an imaginary author, whose unfamiliar and

indistinct identity is used to imagine the structure of the novel’s world.

Meanwhile, special excerpts from the novel that act as clues are exhibited around the dozen or so public

toilets at Rijksakademie. Titled Piss Time, they explore the relationship between reading and space。